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A little about the comany!

  • We have extensive knowledge and over 10 years of experience with Victron products, and more recently, with Kodak products. Most of our projects are off grid but we have set up may on-grid / ESS systems with Victron.
  • We are have many years of experience with various lithium-ion batteries, such as Freedom Won, Pylontech and Blue Nova as well as the integration and BMS management through the various communication protocols.
  • More recently, we have completed Fronius AC-coupled systems and have integrated Victron and Fronius on a number of projects.
  • Our main focus is on projects of around 20kWp and smaller but have partnered up do to larger (up to 60kWp / 45kVA / 200kWh) projects.
  • We have supplied over 1500kWh (1.5MWh) of lithium ion battery capacity
  • Solar panels: Over 1000kWp
  • Inverters: Over 800kVA of inverter capacity
  • Our shop in Maun stocks a wide range of inverters (from 250VA to 10kVA) and charge controllers (10A PWM to 100A MPPT) as well as 100Ah and 200Ah lead acid batteries together with 2.5kWh to 10kWh lithium ion batteries. We always have good stock of panels available – currently 335W and 450W. This is important to service clients with smaller needs who need installations done quicker,but have a good supply chain in South Africa (mainly) to be able to mobilize larger projects quickly, too. We also keep stock of the ion “”balance of system”” items such as rails, clamps, cable and isolation and protection devices.