His Excellency, Dr Mokgweetsi Masisi visits the Botswana SOLTRAIN team at the National Adaptation Plan Global Expo 2022

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In August 2022, Botswana in collaboration with the United Nations Framework Conventional on Climate Change Secretariat hosted the 7th Global National Adaptation Plan (NAP).  The Solar Industries Association of Botswana (SIAB), industry partner to the SOLTRAIN project, was identified as a key stakeholder and invited to exhibit for the duration of the event. The SOLTRAIN trailer was visited by the general public, international visitors, government officials, private sector and the press.

On August 24th His Excellency, Dr Mokgweetsi Masisi, the president of the Republic of Botswana with the Minister of Environment. Resource Conservation and Tourism, Honourable Ms Philda Kereng visited the trailer and spoke to the SOLTRAIN partners, Professor Kevin Nwaigwe from the University of Botswana (UB) and Ms Karen Gibson from SIAB.  His Excellency showed a deep interest in the project and invited the team to engage in further discussions at a later date, particularly on opportunities in local manufacturing of solar thermal technologies. It is encouraging to have the support of the government in forth coming projects. SIAB would like to congratulate Botswana on hosting the high profile global event and thank the Ministry for the excellent organisation.



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